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The juicy and nutritious part of my story that features the Johns.

This is the last half of my second part where the Johns arrive into Shima Yume, my Fantasy world. It seemed complete enough for me to put it in seperate from the rest of the story...so technically, I'm the Producer of a movie, and I cut out the whole first half of it. WHOOOO I'm like an American Japanese Anime Dub Producer! :D

To fill up a few holes, I am the presumed creator of Shima Yume, and I can do whatever I want if I put my heart and imagination into it. Like, I could grow pink hair from my cheeks if I wish. Or even turn myself into a Polar Bear with a sweater....anything I want. The only thing I cannot do is summon my boyfriend into my fantasy world, since he already exists as the Prince of Shima Yume, and the Prince is a stuck up brat who likes sex. Sucky, huh?

Title: Shima Yume, Episode Two
Pairings: none, really. Just hinted that I have a crush on Flans (OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE)
Rating: PG-13 for Flans' potty mouth.
Word Count: kinda longish...don't have a word counter.

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look! :0, Hey

The REAL story of TMBG from beginning to present.

The moral of this story: Mad scientist burrito accident = successful cult band.

I had SO much fun writing this up. It may not make much sense at all, but I really did have a blast writing the "biography"; it really has cheered me up since my little depression that I had from flamers. It's relatively short too, so you don't need to plan on bathroom breaks. :)

Title: Quack Experimental Anime #0000062: The REAL Story of TMBG from past to present. (crackpot amusing story now, complaints, flaming and suing come later)

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Sexual Themes/References, Language, Fantasy Violence, Humor that isn't Humorous, 99.99% bullshit lies, made up words, and Flansburgh's belly button. Watch your head.

This is my first time trying out livejournal cuts, so bear with me if they don't work >.<;

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My 2nd TMBG fanfic

This is my 2nd full-length fanfic, expanding on my TMBG Challenge #2 (a 250-word scene from one of the Dans' p.o.v.). Warning: Other than the fact of Dan Hickey's having left TMBG and the "Band of Dans" in the spring of 2004 (as well as some references to shows and the dial-a-drum-solo thing he and Flans used to do), these scenes and characterizations are entirely speculation on my part, and I do not claim to have any real knowledge of the reasons behind this turn of events.

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My first TMBG fanfic

Here's a piece of TMBG fan fiction I've been working on for a while. This is my first-ever attempt at such a thing... It was inspired by a few fan accounts of what happened at TMBG's October 15, 1998 show at New York's Bowery Ballroom. It's kind of a long one, but I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope y'all enjoy it. :)

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TMBG Fan Fic - "Doctor Worm".

Buahaa; I wrote a fan fic, just to give it a try.. man I'm horrible. .__." I was going to go back and fix up quite a few things about this once I had the basic plot written, but got rather impatient with it, suu.. decided to just let it be for now. It's kind of random:

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'Kay. XD Soo.. any of you amazing writers out there (all the rest of you in this community, basically).. please; writing really isn't my thing, so any crits you can offer would be greatly appreciated. ^_^ Oh, and some of my specific word choices are meant to remind you all of TMBG songs. So if you don't break into song or have the urge to break into song at least a few times whilst you're reading this; then just.. doom. *Nods* Aum, enjoy. =D
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